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Board of Commissioners

Image of woman in pink suit smiling
Liliana Perez


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Brian Chu


Commissioner Zelenne Cardenas
Zelenne Cardenas


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Suzanne Manriquez


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Laura Peralta


Commissioner Lori Quon
Lori Quon


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M. Rene Romero


Aaron Thomas


President John Wirfs
John Wirfs


El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument

As a department of the City of Los Angeles, El Pueblo is a living museum that continues to fulfill its unique role as the historic and symbolic heart of the city, celebrating the Native American, African American, Spanish, Anglo, Mexican, Chinese, Italian and French cultures that contributed to its early history. El Pueblo is an important cultural and historical destination for those visiting Los Angeles, and it currently attracts over two million visitors a year from throughout the United States and from every continent in the world.




El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument promotes, safeguards, and preserves the City's birthplace and culturally diverse heritage through the effective management of its commercial and historical resources and events.




El Pueblo will be recognized as an iconic destination in Los Angeles and regarded as a top tier historical site that supports local culture and inspires repeat visitation.


Strategic Plan


The strategic plan was developed under the direction of the Board of Commissioners with input from the Olvera Street merchants, non-profit partners, and other community members, as a five-year rolling plan designed to guide El Pueblo's future development, while keeping in mind the needs of our tenants, local community, and other stakeholders. El Pueblo also recognizes that new ideas, developments, or initiatives may occur that warrant attention, but may not be included in this Strategic Plan


Commission Agendas - 2024

El Pueblo Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 2:00 p.m. at the Biscailuz Gallery, 125 Paseo de la Plaza, LA CA 90012. 

El Pueblo Commission Agenda | 07/25/2024

El Pueblo Commission Minutes | 07/11/2024

Board Report | 24-0004